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Website Design
Effective designs to put your site 
on the track to success.
Jigsaw Design is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top website design companies. When you have your website developed by us, you can rest assured your website will not only be compatible to all web browsers, including mobile browsers, but will also be search engine optimized (SEO) so all content is indexed correctly by search engines. At Jigsaw, we design websites for not just the client, but more importantly, the client’s end user.
We have spent many years refining our website construction methods to effectively develop websites that constantly rank in the top ten of search engines and produce high conversion rates between visitors and thus generate revenue for our clients. This is done by a combination of design and construction. Finding the right balance between design and site construction is important because, if you build a pretty site that nobody can find, it is like having a diamond in a safety deposit box. Also, if the site is overly optimized for search engines, you will generate lots of traffic, but these visitors will not stay on your site long enough to make any sales. At Jigsaw Design, our goal is to design your website in such a way that your site will rank highly in search engines as well as turning the biggest percentage of visitors into customers, while also giving them reason to return.
We effectively develop websites that achieve outstanding results by meeting 3 main goals;
  1. Site construction: We build all our websites using a fast load and low code method. We use CSS to control all the design elements and optimize all images for file size. What this does is create fast loading sites that have less code for the search engines to wade through in order to pick out your content.
  2. Navigation: This should be a no-brainer, but some companies, in an effort to “make the website stand out”, produce confusing navigation structures on the website or design clever tricks to make the links stand out, which usually ends up being a mess. We build all our websites with simple navigation that will be seen the same way on all browsers and will effectively guide your visitors to becoming customers.
  3. Content: We build websites that are full of relevant content to what your customers are looking for (this content is provided by clients or can be written by our SEO content writers). Search engines and end users like websites with more content as 1. It better informs the client; and 2. It gives the search engines more information on how to position your site. Plus, it also gives your visitors a reason to come back.
Our designers and developers have over 100 years combined experience in website design and development and are ready to start your project today.

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