Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. SERVICES: The Company shall engage Jigsaw Design to provide the following services:

    1. Website Design and Development
    2. Search Engine Optimizing
    3. Graphic Design
    4. Webmaster Services
    5. SEO Content Writing
    6. Social Network management

  2. Jigsaw Design will determine the method, details and means of performing the services and will state such in the quotation which will act as a contract between both parties.
  4. 2. COMPENSATION: For services provided, the client will pay Jigsaw Design a) 50% before services begin and 50% upon completion of services, and b) monthly services: in full before due date on monthly invoice. Late fees may be applied and charged at 5% of monthly fee.
  6. 3. EXPENSES: Jigsaw Design shall bear all expenses incurred in the performance of the services except costs of goods purchased on behalf of the client to provide the service (eg, stock images, hosting services, domain registration, etc).
  8. 4. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Jigsaw Design is an independent contractor and not an employee of the client.
  10. 5. PRIVACY POLICY: Jigsaw Design will not disclose any information provided by client to any 3rd party. This includes but not limited to contact information, intellectual properties, statistics, usernames and passwords, etc.
  12. 6. OTHER RULES AND POLICIES: Jigsaw Design agrees to abide by any other rules, policies and procedures as pre-agreed by the client.
  14. 7. TERMINATION: any project may be terminated early for the following reasons:
    1. By the client
    2. If Jigsaw Design fails to perform their duties or materially breaches any obligation and the failure or breach is not corrected within five days of receiving written notice from the client; or
    3. If Jigsaw Design is unable to provide the services due to illness, death or disability.

    4. By Jigsaw Design
    5. If the client materially breaches any obligation and such breach is not corrected within five days of receiving written notice from Jigsaw Design; or If the client files for bankruptcy.

  15. 8. TERMINATING WEBMASTER SERVICE: Webmaster service can be canceled at any time as long as account is in good standing. Delinquent accounts can not be terminated until balance is paid in full and will continue to acquire monthly service fees/late fees up to three months. Jigsaw Design reserves the right to repossess assets created and managed by Jigsaw design that are in delinquent status for 3 months or more, these assets will be auctioned in order to receive account balance. Assets include Domain name, website and SEO assets.
  17. 9. REACTIVATION: If webmaster service has been suspended for frequent delinquent payment or other integrity reasons and service needs to be reinstated there will be a fee of 50% of monthly fee to cover set up time.
  19. 10. RETURN OF PROPERTY: Upon termination of services, Jigsaw Design will promptly return to the client all documents and other tangible manifestations of Confidential Information (and all copies and reproductions thereof).
  21. 11. REFUNDS: Jigsaw Design will refund deposit or final payment only under the following conditions
  22. Client has decided to cancel project before any work has been started, this includes research, image preparation, website structure, correspondence over one billed hour, travel related to project over one billed hour.
  24. 12. REFUNDS ON PURCHASES: Because there is no way to return digital products all sales are final. This includes downloadable templates and documents.
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