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We have no shortage of happy clients at Jigsaw Design and that's the way we like it. Not because we are really nice people, but primarily because happy clients tell their friends and 90% of our business comes from client referrals. Please feel free to read through the testimonials below and then call us to get started on your project so you too can start telling people how we improved your web presence and increased your sales.

Dear Alan,
Before you started to work on my site, jordanriverphoto.com was never found by the Search engines. Within weeks of your work not only was I listed in Google, but I had booked my first gig off the internet. You consistent reliability is unheard of in the Web business. Through your communication with email and phone support, you have always been available. Your ability to take a web site and make it user friendly for the client and user is appreciated. I have always appreciated that Jigsaw design is very quick in web site updates. I look forward to having you work on other projects for me.
Please use me as a reference anytime.
Jordan Sofris

Our company greger pacific marine launched it's first website in 2005 it was built and maintained by Jigsaw Inc. I knew very little at the time about websites and there potential for enhancing my business but it soon changed everything for us. We started getting clients that normally would not have found us and clients from other industry's we had no idea could utilize or need our services. I can not say exactly how much revenue to date our website has attributed to our business but I can say we would not be here today without it.
Our first contract award worth over one million dollars was from a cold call off of our web site and I can count at least three of those to date. We are very pleased with the service and consistency of Jigsaw Inc. The fact we are approaching 10 years of working with Jigsaw I think says it all.
Ron Greger
Greger Pacific Marine

We have been with Alan and Jigsaw design for a few years now and are happy to say we will be utilizing their services well into the future. Alan and the team did an outstanding job of updating our previous website, provided us with excellent search engine positioning, are always there to answer any support questions, and are currently in the midst of working with us to develop our next generation website which will enable us to support our rapidly growing and changing business model.
Dave Farpelha
Custom Sports Cards

Dealing wtih you and your company has been a complete delight. Your follow through is always prompt and competent. The work is creative and thorough. Your explanations on what, why & when are right on every time. We're so impressed with your company that you're already working with a couple of clients we referred. We're so glad we found you!
Chris Hennessy
Custom Video Connection

Alan Ainsworth performed a complete redesign of my website and I am very pleased with both the process of working with Alan and the final results for my website. My old website had several structural problems and needed a whole new “look and feel”. However, I wanted to keep some of the small business feel of the old website and not end up with something that was too glossy or too slick.

Alan started the process by taking the time to talk with me about MY needs. Listening to what I wanted for the website, for my business. Alan helped educate me about some of the design choices and helped debunk some of my misconceptions about website ranking, placement and search engine optimization.

Alan then laid out a work plan for the website redesign that was simple, clear and met my specific requirements. Once we discussed the plan, Alan began work and quickly provided a template for us to discuss. When I looked at the draft template I immediately knew why I had hired Alan – WOW. It looked great, it contained everything that I needed and the earlier problems were gone.

The remaining pages were quickly completed and Alan took care of many small details (details often neglected by other consultants).  

One challenge was how to get my promotional video to load and run reliably. Alan solved this problem and I have had great feedback from clients on this feature and on the overall website.

Alan has been very creative, patient, professional and I truly enjoyed working with him. His rates are very reasonable and he delivered more that I expected. My site has moved up in the search engine rankings and has functioned flawlessly.
As a small business owner, I am very sensitive to cost and quality. Hiring Alan to redesign my website is one of my best business decisions of 2006. Please contact me if you would like to know more about my experience with Alan Ainsworth and Jigsaw Design.
Captain Kirk Miller
Captain Kirk’s Sailing Adventures

When I took over as General Manager of Tubz – the world’s largest bathtub showroom - the first thing on my “to do” list was to update our tired and unimaginative website. I asked our network consultant to find us a professional webmaster at a reasonable price and he found us Alan Ainsworth. Alan’s websites appeared to be the most creative out of the many we sampled from prospective webmasters so we requested a bid. He submitted his bid and within a day or two he drove out to our showroom to get a feel for our business and meet us personally. We had a pleasant meeting, signed a contract, and within 24 hours he began making positive changes to our site.
We told Alan that we wanted a water theme, gave him colors, and basically allowed him to do the rest. The creative process went smoothly and he was very receptive to our comments, criticisms, and demands. We never felt that we had to tip-toe around his feelings if we didn’t like his ideas; he would simply say “no problem” and try something different. Alan used our “specials” page, created by our previous webmaster, because of its simple format, so that anyone at Tubz can make changes to it without having to shell out more money every time we have a sale. Our new site would have been completed within a week’s time had Alan not been waiting for us to decide on a logo.
The staff at Tubz loves our new website and we constantly get positive feedback from the public. Previously, we hesitated to direct our customers to our old site but now we proudly encourage them to research tub shapes and sizes on our new site before they visit our showroom. Recently, a visitor stopped by from the Seattle area that had been so impressed with our website that he actually came by to check us out during his Bay Area vacation. I highly recommend Alan Ainsworth and Jigsaw Design because of their competitive prices, their level of creativity, and their positive and professional attitude towards their customers.
Toni Sanchez
General Manager

Jigsaw inc. have been instrumental in assisting me reach out to my niche market, that of martial arts and more specifically children's martial arts. They have built me no less than three web sites since 2002 all of which have been outstanding. Jigsaw's creativity and industry know how grew my business three hundred percent and I am so happy I chose Jigsaw inc. to build my martial arts program such an amazing website.
Alan has become a good friend and to this day a strong supporter of my martial arts programs which now teach not only children but men and women alike, all of whom now learn the discipline and respect all should expect from martial arts.
Kelly Dullanty
Mando Martial Arts

Jigsaw Design helped me immensely in creating a simple yet highly functional site. His patience in showing me how it works has allowed me to get back to my creative and marketing work. It is then easy to update my site with Jigsaw's design. And cross browser compatibility has been great. Straightforward and no nonsense experience was quite welcomed.
David Fulton

Since hiring Jigsaw, Inc June 2005 our business has grown substantially. Alan’s in-depth knowledge of creating websites that are optimized for search engines has give our company the visibility it critically needs to entice customers to call us and order product.
Alan and Jigsaw, Inc are a very professional, fast and knowledgeable company that we would recommend to anyone needing a professional attractive website with exceptional SEO.
Thank you for all your help!
CEO / Allstar Networks, LLC

We needed two websites redesigned and since we want them done quickly we assigned the projects to two well known independent professional website developers. One was Jigsaw Design with Alan Ainsworth.
What a big difference between the two! Jigsaw stated the effort immediately after the assignment and completed it on schedule. Jigsaw showed a much higher degree of creativity and initiative than we have experienced elsewhere. They balanced web expertise with artistic ability. Jigsaw was consistently easy to work with and demonstrated an earnest commitment to getting it right and to satisfying our needs.
Jigsaw was far more concerned from the onset with search engine performance and website identification. Others seem to want to add it on as an after thought. Jigsaw's price was fair and reasonable. They have become our firm's website developer of choice. It is for those reasons that I would highly recommend them to others as a resource.
Howard A. Raphael CEO,
Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc.

It started out as an idea, then it grew to a ‘what if’ and now we have a site that is the talk of many chat boards and artists. Alan Ainsworth came to NakedLens.com with a fresh idea to bring art lovers and artists together on one site where they can share their ideas and comment on each others work.
NakedLens.com is a true community of artists and models that want to be noticed. Alan managed the layout and design of the NakedLens.com site, the result is a showcase that does not intimidate or confuse the user. Each area of the site is thoughtful and flows with the user.
Not having any experience with putting together a web site, Alan was very responsive and able to take our discussions and weave them into this incredible site. He has no ego in this process. He truly wants what is best for our needs and is willing to make it happen. Aside from the comments we receive from our members about how cool the site is – we get just as many responses from people who want to know who designed our cool site. Thank you Alan
Mark Padron
Managing Partner

We were looking for a graphic/web design company that could understand our creative ideas and express them through our website. Being design professionals, we did have some really specific ideas and a critical eye for details. Jigsaw's staff soaked up all the information and ideas we gave him and came up with a layout that incorporated our vision for the website.

They are very receptive of our suggestions, gave us his input on the web design and created a website that reflects our company. They are dedicated professionals, who understands the needs of the client.
We have got positive responses and compliments on the website from our existing and potential clients. We recommend Jigsaw Design. because of their creativity, their professionalism and their competitive prices.
Kosha Mehta
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