Webmaster Service

Webmaster Service
We will manage your complete online presents so
you can focus on managing your business.
It’s one thing to have a well designed and laid out website. It’s another maintaining and updating that website with fresh content or fixing any problems that may arise when search engines change their rules (which happens a lot), or companies like Microsoft, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on update their browsers or even develop a new web browser. This is where Jigsaw comes in. We can take the headaches out of managing your website either on a month-to-month basis or on an as-needed basis. When Jigsaw manages your website, you can rest assured that your site is being seen by everyone regardless of what browser they are using, that all updates and additions will be in flow with the design of your website, and also optimized and submitted to each search engine.
Jigsaw also maintains your website’s SEO integrity by updating your entire website if any new rules or methods come into play. This not only protects your position, but can give you a boost in rating. You will also have your site positioned in a trusted link neighborhood. This too will give your site a boost in position.
Services include:
  • Updating Website
  • Maintaining Sitemaps
  • Optimizing Content
  • Performance Checks
  • Managing hosting and domains
  • Technical support
  • Complete web presence management 
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