Social Network Management

Social Network Management
With effective social marketing your social networks can
become a successful marketing tool instead of a burden.
How much time have you or your employees spent on social networks today? How much of that time did you spend actually marketing your company? Chances are the answer to question one is “a lot” and the answer to question two is “not a lot”. Don’t feel bad. This is the case for most businesses. The fact that you are on this page now says you want to change that and you are on the right track.
When we manage your social networks, you will be sure that every post we make will be seen for the maximum amount of time without falling into the realm of spam. We will also be adding the type of edge to each post and update that encourages people to share with their viewers.
Effective management of your social networks can make a huge difference in your bank balance. It is not enough to just have a link on your website and post one or two spam messages on a weekly basis. Effective social network management is about connecting people to your product or service and having your customers do your advertising for you.
Like all of Jigsaw’s services, we take a different approach to social network marketing than any other company. Instead of using the H-Bomb approach, we have found it much more effective to use a more surgical approach. When it comes to getting followers/subscribers, we will apply a natural approach to raising your numbers. We have found that using this method gets you qualified followers who are more likely to turn into customers. While this is a slower process, it is better to have 100 people that are actually interested as opposed to a 1000 people that do not and will not have an interest. This also cuts down on the amount of negative feedback and trolling that comes with being on a social network.
Services include:
  • Company profile setup for all major social networks
  • Local set-up so people are able to check in to your place of business
  • Social network specials to encourage people to like and return
  • Updating statuses 
  • Commenting on posts to encourage discussion
  • Related article submission, to keep people interested in (and sharing) all aspects of your business
  • Adding custom social tools to your website
  • most importantly, getting organic followers for your social networks
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