SEO: Content Writing

SEO: Content Writing
Rich, Engaging content for your
user and search engines.
So you have the perfect product or service, your website looks great, and it is even generating lots of traffic. So why isn’t the phone ringing and your inbox full of orders? The first knee-jerk reaction is to change the look of the website, but this is most likely a mistake and a waste of time and money. If you look at some of the top websites, i.e., Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, MySpace, Google and so on, they really don’t have a lot in the way of graphics. Yet, they get millions of return visitors a day. So what are these sites doing right? Simple answer is content. More to the point, content people are looking for. You can have a website that’s easy to find and is maybe even offering your product or service cheaper than all other sites. But, if it is lacking in well written content, people will go elsewhere to research and most likely buy elsewhere too.
At Jigsaw Design, we have a team of SEO content writers that will write rich, engaging content that will not only entice your visitors to purchase or enlist your services, but will also boost your site in search engines. The difference between an SEO content writer and a standard content writer is the SEO content writer knows when, where and how many times to use your keywords. We do not just write paragraphs of text with lots of keywords just for search engines, but unique un-indexed content (content that has been indexed by search engines on another website will not get indexed on your website). This will give your website a boost in the search engines as well as giving the new traffic some unique content to read.
Our SEO content writers will write subliminal content for your target market that will encourage every visitor to be a customer. Subliminal writing works like this: instead of saying “this speaker has room-filling sound” our writers would say “when you turn this speaker on in your living room, you will be amazed at its room-filling sound”. The difference being you have subliminally told the person they have already decided to purchase and are already happy with their purchase. Subliminal writing can also be used to push people to pages you need them to see as well as direct them to your contact or product pages depending on the website.
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