Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design
Unlike most websites, when designing a website for a restaurant, the sole purpose is to get people in the door. With this in mind, Jigsaw Design will create a website that not only recreates the atmosphere of your location, but also gives enough information so the customer knows what to expect when they arrive and, more importantly, they will know how to get there.
The four main elements to a successful restaurant website are to: recreate the atmosphere, show menus, customer reviews and location.

Recreate the atmosphere – This is done by duplicating the colors used inside the restaurant and showing happy customers, as well as showing high quality images of the food.

Show menus – Every restaurant website should show an up-to-date menu as well as wine and beer lists. This whets the customers appetite and hungry people tend to make decisions based on what their stomach wants.

Customer reviews – A lot of restaurant websites make the mistake of linking to 3rd party websites to show reviews instead of having the best reviews on their own website. This is a mistake because, on a 3rd party website, people have the ability to write anything, including bad reviews. It is better to have no reviews than bad reviews.

Location – Another mistake some websites make (and not just restaurant websites) is having standard directions on their website instead of an interactive map that will give the user turn by turn directions right to your door. Not only does this give more detailed directions, but also allows the user to plan for parking. Showing this kind of consideration on your website gives the user a sense that they will get this same standard of treatment when they arrive to eat.

At Jigsaw Design, we will create your restaurant website in such a way that it will, not only be positioned high on search engines, but also turn your website visitors into patrons.

Recent Restaurant Website Design Samples

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