Legal Website Design

Legal Website Design
There are over 500,000 lawyers and attorneys in the USA and more passing the bar exam every year. That is more than the rest of the world combined. California alone has the biggest percentage of lawyers in America, so to say competition for California based lawyers/attorneys is high would be a gross understatement. Jigsaw Design has been designing websites for lawyers/attorneys and other legal professionals since we began our company in 2003 with great results. All the websites we have designed rank in the top ten and generate revenue to our legal clients.
When designing a legal website there are two main considerations: 1. The type of visitor you are trying to attract, and 2. The type of image you want to portray. Whether the type of visitors are people looking for a divorce lawyer or people looking for a criminal lawyer, you can handle the traffic by well managed SEO. However, the image you want to portray is solely handled by focused design elements. At Jigsaw Design, we have many years experience in designing websites to portray the right image for your legal practice or any other legal themed website.
While we don’t focus on just legal website design, we feel having experience with all types of businesses only benefits our legal clients more, as finding a lawyer or a legal professional is not something people do everyday. They will base what they expect from your website to be similar to the experiences they have when searching for other professionals. We have developed a clear understanding of how people search the internet and how they will navigate your site and, thus, how we will use this experience to encourage them to contact you to enlist your services.

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