Sports Website Design

Sports Website Design
At Jigsaw Design, we know that when you are a fan of a sport you want to see that sport or elements of that sport everywhere you look. That’s why, when we design sport-related websites, we make them bold and in-your-face. Creating a theme is important when designing a sports website. If the focus is a sports celebrity, his/her images should be used as many times as possible along with the elements of the sport that he/she is associated with.
One of the main challenges in building a sports website is optimizing all the visual aspects so that the website can remain looking sharp, yet still keep load times to a minimum. The biggest mistake we see on a lot of sports websites is over indulgence in high quality images and flash. This makes sites slow loading and frustrates visitors to the point where the experience becomes a chore and they only return to the site if they really have to. We have developed multiple tricks to keep load times down while still keeping images sharp and vibrant and thus creating a sports website that is both visually pleasing, but also functional.
When you have your sports website created by Jigsaw Design, you will be tapping into years of experience in designing websites focused on either self-promotion or team/sport promotion.

Recent Sports Website Design Samples

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