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Medical Website Design
Dear owner of Jigsaw,
I have reviewed your website, examined your offers, and your portfolio. In particular, I am offended by your comments about the costs of medical website development and your competitors. My company and others happen to be your competitors.
If you don't immediately remove references to our pricing, our services, which are incidentally superior to yours, I will make sure that your company is discredited in a big public relations effort with press releases, content on our sites, etc...... Do you really want this? I've already discussed with the companies you mention on your website, and we are in agreement.
I suprised that you can't come up with any clever ways of marketing your own services, other discrediting the industry with low brow, cheap marketing. 

There are company, which provide a bonified service, with professionally trained designers, programmers, and marketing experts that deserve to be paid for their great work. We get results for our clients and expect to be paid accordingly.
If you can't find customers without giving away your services, I recommend you quite this business and try something new. Maybe try designing websites for the Salvation Army, I'm sure they would appreciate your "Cheap" services.
The above email was copied and pasted word for word and was not edited in any way, only the last name has been Xed to protect the sender.


Hi Jason
After reading your email I decided it was worthy of a mention on our website. I feel it's always important to give our customers as much information as possible in order to let them make the best informed decision as to which company to go with. I am disappointed you neglected to tell me which company you worked for so I could give credit I'm sure our customers would be interested to know.
Just to let you know we don’t give away our services, we just believe we should charge a fair price for our services, as for implying that we should work for the Salvation Army I would be honored to work for such a worthy charity. I understand the terms charity and fair may be lost on you but these are concepts that every business and person should embrace.
Alan Ainsworth
Owner/Lead Designer
Ph: 1(408) 694-3773
Cell:1(408) 506-3861

So let me get this right, If we don't stop pointing out that we offer a more cost effective solution to people in the medical industry, our websites are at the top of the search engines, or that our clients are ecstatic with their results. our alleged competition are going to slander us on their websites and in press releases? To me this would imply they are going to tell some lies in answer to our facts in which case we also have happy lawyers in our client list.
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