Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design
Judging by the amount of results a search for medical website design returns on a Google search (76+ million, you would think there is something very different about designing and building a medical website over any other website. Some companies say they are professional at focusing on your target market (which you would think would be everyone), or they will say they are medical professionals and understand the needs of other medical professionals (moving from being a medical professional to website design seems like a really bad career move), or even that they use specific technology only used on medical websites (if there is some other technology out there designed specifically for medical websites, we have yet to see it and we have been doing this for a while). The truth is, the only difference between designing a medical website and any other website is you can charge doctors and surgeons more. Not us. We have no special billing for medical clients. Read more about medical website pricing here.
All website designs are different and should be a reflection of your company. At Jigsaw Design, we take this into consideration when we design your website, along with four principles applied to all websites we design - not just medical websites.

Design - There is no difference in designing a website for a doctor or surgeon than designing a website for any other type of business. The four key elements exist in all design:
Know Your Market - Successful design is not just about making things pretty. It's about making the customer/patients comfortable. Some elements that work on a sports site will not work on a medical site, even if your viewer is into sports. When you go anywhere in life, you expect things to be a certain way. If you go into a sports store, you expect to see team logos, bright colors and a bold theme. When you go into a doctor's office, you expect to be greeted with calm, professionalism and understanding. This is the same for a website. When you go to a medical website, you are there to find information, not be bombarded with the flashy intros, in-your-face advertising techniques of anything else that will make your viewers feel pressured or irritated.

Image - Your website should match your product or service. If you sell high-end automobiles, your website should reflect the same refinement and class that your dealership does. This is the same with medical websites. If patients walk into your practice and they are greeted with clean, muted colors and a calming, relaxed atmosphere, then your website should reflect this atmosphere as well. Use the colors in your practice. After all, a website is an extension of your business and not just a marketing tool.

Content - A medical website is all about the content. There should be a lot of information on what you do, how you do it, why you do it, examples of what you have done, and testimonials from satisfied patients. All this needs to be presented in a way that is easy for the viewer to understand.

Ease of Use - Navigation is the key to any website. Whether you are a doctor or a plumber, your viewer needs to be no less than two clicks away from the information they want. Your website needs to be laid out the same on all pages so the viewer can easily find what they are looking for.

People who use the internet are used to a certain format. Deviating too far away from that format can confuse or even irritate your viewers. These viewers are people you may never meet.
Lower price does not mean lower quality service. Almost all our medical clients have moved from some of the larger so-called “medical website design specialists” to us because we offer better value and service and all of them would be happy to recommend us. When you are ready to go with a company that doesn’t specialize in medical website design, but specializes in designing high quality, search engine friendly websites that don’t cost the same as a midrange car regardless of who the client is, then give us a call and you too will be recommending us to your medical colleagues in no time.

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